IT Disposal for Schools

Every school or college needs to dispose desktops, laptops, and other IT equipment after finding them redundant. There are legal obligations that require the schools to ensure that the IT equipment and any other media for storing data are appropriately and legally disposed. Therefore, it is the mandate for a university or college to ensure that they follow the set guidelines for disposing the IT equipment. Apart from the legal mandate of secure disposal of IT equipment by the school, also other benefits come with it as discussed below.

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Keeping information confidential

A secure disposal keeps the information about staff and students of the school protected and confidential. This is one of the main reasons why schools should make sure that their IT equipment is disposed in the right way. The school assures staff and children of enough confidentiality when in the school. To enable this, it stores such data in the computers and other data storage media because no one would reach the equipment without authorization. In the same way, the school should ensure that during disposal, all data saved in this equipment is safe and does not expose any confidential details of the staff or students.

Maintain reputation of the school

A secure disposal helps protect the unity and reputation of the school. When such information as personal view on a certain subject is leaked. People with divergent views will tend to raise unnecessary conflicts, which will disrupt the peace of the school. In such a case, the school will end up in chaos, especially when the subject involves sensitive matters such as political opinions.

Safety of students

A secure disposal is also instrumental for the safety of the staff and students and school property. It is certain that the IT equipment will hold the passwords for many accounts and sites that should be viewed by few trusted individuals. When such information is leaked to the public, it exposes the school to many dangers. The secrets of the school are vulnerable to be stolen, manipulated, and may be used to extort money from unsuspecting people. The accounts of the school can be easily hacked and may be used for the spread of propaganda, which may hurt the reputation of the school.

How to dispose safely

In order to ensure that there is safe it disposal of the equipment data should be removed or transferred fully before any redeployment within the school. The original user has the mandate of removing all data from the computer. The only exception to this is the presence of a business requirement for the transfer of some of the data with the computer. The original owner of the data should authorize any transfer of data. As required by the Data Protection Act, sensitive data should be removed with some precautions. The act defines sensitive data as information with details such as political opinion, religious beliefs, racial and ethnic origin, and membership of trade unions, criminal convictions, health, and sexual life. A disk with such information should be reformatted after transfer of data. You should also carry out a secure wipe of the disk using appropriate utility software and re-install the operating system of the computer.